Who Inspires Me

My home page is simple so people can look at my art and not have to rummage through. I'm using this section to allow you to see where I find inspiration. This is my senior year as an ART Major at Troy University and I have been doing a lot of research on other artists, not just the famous ones like Monet, Picasso and other “Great Masters” but artists of our time who are innovators. These artists mix all types of media to create pieces that I can only aspire to accomplish. Below I would like to feature them in hopes that you all will be inspired too. Happy viewing!

Melissa Dean
CHeck out her site for wonderful pieces!


Coveting Hearth and Home

Advertising Archives

So I'm going through a phase where I"m really loving old advertisments. Yes I went through a "Bird" phase, well now you are about to see more pieces with vintage advertising. Check out this site to see what I"m talking about.



This Artist is based out of the UK. He is a street artist and his art is pretty wild. No one knows his real name because what he does is against the law and he stay pretty low profile


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