Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Its a learning process...

After a lot of thought and much encouragement from some of my close friends and my husband this blog has been created. The last two years have been so exciting for me as I am allowing myself to scratch an itch I have had for many years, the itch to paint. Although I knew at a younger age how much I enjoyed it and the talent to do so always came more naturally to me then others, I am just now opening up to new mediums and discovering techniques that I could have never imagined. Much of this discovery has been with some wonderful teachers I have had and hope to learn more from their amazing talents and abilities in the future.
This being said I am introducing you all to some of my paintings, something that makes me nervous. I can hardly call myself an artist because that title I feel should be left to those of Picasso or Mitisse but I just wish to share some of pieces that have given me joy and I have worked hard on. Many of them were inspired by others peoples works... inspiration can come from many different sources when art is involved.

Again thank you for looking and feedback is always welcome.

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  1. These paintings are amazing! You have a gift, these are so good! Thanks for sharing, I look forward to seeing more! :)