Friday, December 17, 2010

. .... . Companionless.. ..

....   .     ... .     . . 

24” X 36”  Depth 2” $495

I know every piece I show you all seems to be very different then the last but that is because I am still at the experimenting stage. I was told the other day is that’s what makes me a good artist because who wants to see the same thing done over and over. This statement made me feel more at ease with my inconsistencies. I am starting a small "collection" of bird paintings and this is the first but I already have plans for more to come soon. My plan is to next month have a enough to place up at local places here in Austin. The Art here is inspiring to the highest degree! I hope you enjoy.

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  1. I WANT this sooooooooo bad!!
    I am in LOVE!
    I am giving you exposure I pinned you on my pinterest site!!

    Love your mad Talent!!